Joseph Biden (moron – Delaware) thinks he can teach, what, a hundred million men of character, video:

Slow Joe wants to teach millions of men of character. Yet Biden utterly failed to teach his son Hunter character, first
from National File:

Robert Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, is evading a new Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement from his ex-wife Kathleen, who claims that Hunter Biden has violated terms of their agreement. National File obtained all of the Bidens’ divorce documents ahead of the next hearing in the case on December 18 in Washington. D.C. Will Hunter Biden appear?


Kathleen Biden’s lawyer Wendy Schwartz submitted a recent filing stating, “Please accept for filing the attached Affidavit of Service of Marshall E. Yaap stating under oath that the Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement and October 9, 2019 Order entered by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia have been served on Defendant, Robert Hunter Biden (“Defendant”) by first-class mail, certified mail, Federal Express, email, and text message.”

Second from NOQ report:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is having a hard time getting the right message out to the people. His poll numbers are fluctuating, falling when he has another of his famous gaffes then rising when Democratic voters realize the rest of the options are no better. He even gets snippy with journalists asking relevant questions sometimes, as he did yesterday when a reporter asked him about learning he was a grandfather.

News broke the day before that the paternity test administered at the request of an Arkansas woman confirmed Hunter Biden, 49, was the father of a baby’s whose identity is being protected. The mother seeks child support and is considering requesting Secret Service protection as a result of the baby’s relationship to the powerful Democratic candidate for president.

Slow Joe get off his pulpit and instead to kneel before the altar