After a home invasion a pregnant Florida woman and her family are alive and one of her would be attackers is dead, from Daily Caller:

A pregnant Florida mom used her AR-15 to fight off two home invaders last week, killing one of them.

The intruders entered the home, subduing the woman’s husband, and attacking her daughter, before the woman pulled out her AR-15 and fought the invaders off.

Somewhere in Texas Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is heart broken. The wrong person died. Our heroine used a modern semi-automatic sporting rifle, AR-15 style. A gun the retard O’Rourke calls a military style assault weapon. A style of weapon protected by the Second Amendment and one which O’Rourke promised to send his jack-booted thugs to confiscate.

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One Response to “Second Amendment: 1 – Bobby O’Rourke – 0”

  1. What Eric meant to say was Prgnant Women shouldn’t fire guns.  It might rudely awaken the gestating child and give him/her issues that will become evident to Pubic Skewel Techyrz later in life.

    She could just as easily watched her man beaten to a pulp while dialing 911.
    Then the kid would have been born a simpering liberal woos.

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