Just some things that crossed my mind yesterday:

* Always remember that the civil war was not fought to end slavery. The civil war was fought to put down an insurrection. Granted, that insurrection was started by people supporting slavery, but the federal government did not react with military action until such time as the federal government itself was threatened. This should give you a clue as to how the government will react to any threat… including where non-lethal forces used. Like for example electing somebody from outside the establishment of both parties. What we are seeing in this push for impeachment is exactly that…. The existing power protecting itself, nothing more, nothing less.

* I was so sorry to hear of Prince Andrew’s impending suicide.

* That clown show in Atlanta last night was completely unwatchable. The Democrats have nothing to run on and nobody to run with. (Which explains why they’re still pursuing the impeachment fiasco…) All they can do is promise you other people’s money and it’s come down to who steals more of other people’s money to supposedly put in your pocket. Game over.

* Speaking of the impeachment fiasco, did you see Sonderland yesterday?  Another Democrat operative, having absolutely no proof whatsoever of his original claims. He was even forced to admit as much in his testimony. I suspect it’s not the last time we will see the jackass party beating a dead horse.