From Twitter:

not to get panglossian but I think these hearings are helping the Ds become the party of wholesomeness and patriotism and the Rs the party of grievance and pettiness. that would be a disaster watershed moment for the party of Reagan.

Response From Ann Althouse:

Who’s Litman? His Twitter profile says: “Washington Post columnist. Former US Attorney, DOJ official.Teach con law at UCSD and UCLA. Practice law @CCWhistleblower. Exec. prod. & host, @talkingfedspod.”

This tweet is such a perfect example of cocooned liberal self-love. If there is one thing that has given me energy from Day 1 of this blog, it is my aversion to cocooned liberal self-love.

If there is one word in that tweet that gets me, it’s “wholesomeness.” Imagine staring at Adam Schiff for hours thinking, oh, that is so reassuring, he’s so gosh-darn wholesome.

Go ahead. Tell me about how the MSM isn’t biased.