I said, just a couple of months ago:

Consider the Brexit movement. Consider the recent elections in Germany. Consider the rather startling unpopularity of Macron in France. Consider Viktor Orban over in Hungary. The umbrella movement in Taiwan.
Everywhere you look around the globe, we are seeing long empowered establishment politics being removed or at least resisted, and for the most part the people taking this action have not been heretofore involved with politics all that much.

And now, surprisingly enough we see it happening in Canada;

Following the reelection of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister with a Liberal minority, #Wexit, or Western exit (a play on Brexit), immediately began trending on Twitter, with separatist accounts gaining thousands of new followers.

One of the most important takeaways from the election is the blue sweep throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Both provinces have expressed growing indignation over the other provinces’ dependence on the oil industry, while simultaneously trying to stifle Alberta’s business prospects and economic growth by opposing pipelines.

Apparently Western Canadians like a goodly number of Americans, and as I suggested in the earlier article, people around the world, are tired of their government having its strings pulled from the offices of George Soros and company.

At the moment, I’d have to say that the likelihood of this actually happening, is rather small… But we shouldn’t discount the amount of anger outside of the domain of the Eastern leftist.

Remember the definition of a hero: someone who is just cold enough. Just tired enough, and just angry enough that he doesn’t care about the consequences anymore… And so does what needs doing.