Over at PJM, Charlie Martin observes:

It seems to me — and this is just a plausible inference, I’m not asserting it’s the truth — it seems to me that the only people who would be “visibly shaken” by that would be someone who already has guilty knowledge of Crowdstrike, Burisma, or both.

Now, look at the really just astonishing irregularity of the “impeachment inquiry”: not just refusing to take it to the floor of the House, but the secrecy, the selective cherry-picking of releases, and the plan to prevent Republican members — not to mention the Nation — from learning anything about either WB1 or WB2.

I think the most plausible inference is that the whistleblowers are connected to Biden’s campaign, or to the DNC, and were shaken by the possibility of Biden and Crowdstrike being investigated because they know there is something there to be found.

(Emphasis is mine.)

Well, precisely. And this meshes very well indeed with my initial comments:

It turns out Paul Pelosi, the Speaker’s son was also in the Ukraine at the time Quid pro quo Joe Biden’s kid was… We know Joe Biden threatened to Ukraines funding if they didn’t fire the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s criminality. Joe Biden bragged about it. Now we see Pelosi acting to protect her kid from a corruption investigation. Clearly, someone does not want the Democrat/Ukrainian connection investigated. I can’t imagine why. 😒

Of course one of the other names that came out in support of impeaching Trump at almost exactly the same time, was Mitt Romney… Who is, it turns out, also up to his armpits in Ukrainian corruption.

It seems clear that they all started trying to impeach Trump just when the Ukrainian corruption came on the radar screen. They may well understand they’ll never get that nonsense through the Senate, but they clearly felt they needed a diversion, and a chance to shift blame. Certainly this bogus impeachment process serves both those purposes better than anything else they might have thought to cook up on the fly.

The roaches are scrambling because somebody turned the light on. It’s as simple and direct as that. In the end that’s the only reason for the charade going on in DC just now.