I’m going to say this right up front:

Hong Kong is territory that China has invaded.

Similarly, China invaded Taiwan.

They are not a part of China.

China is deluding itself… And trying to force that delusion on everybody else in the world… Particularly, anybody who does business in China… A prominent example would be the NBA.

Apparently, China doesn’t want anybody being critical, or even noticing the emperor’s New clothes.

The immense blowback from Americans on the subject suggests that we have reached the international “enough” line with this nonsense.

It it also suggests that Donald Trump is exactly on point, in the actions he is taking to disconnect our economy from that of the Chinese Communist Party.

If the NBA wants to survive this in any fashion, they need to be telling the Chinese Communists on no uncertain terms “get lost”. No beating around the bush, here, and blessedly sure, no apologies. The Chinese need to be told in no uncertain terms to get their demands out of the sunshine.



Now, about the illusion that there are more than two sexes being forced on us by our own government….