Kyle Bennett, via Zuckerbook:

“Socialism is the flat earth of economics.”

Indeed so, and never in the history of economics has that statement of Kyle’s been more clear, I think, than the last few years, as well as the Reagan years. In both situations, the misbegotten idea that the economy could be best represented by a pie graph, was completely blown out of the water. (Pardon me mixing metaphors.)

The biggest problem with socialism in the economic sense is that it has never understood that wealth can (and ultimately needs to) be created, not simply redistributed. The difference between those two approaches, was demonstrated quite clearly between Obama and Trump, Carter and Reagan.

Am I suggesting Trump is the next Reagan? No, I still have serious issues with Donald Trump. However, at least, he like Reagan, understands that socialism in all its forms is nothing more than a poison pill.

Apparently, the electorate has begun to figure this out too, including a lot of Democrats.

By the reports I’ve seen, Trump 20/20 has successfully raised (so far) a record $125 million in this last quarter alone, while the Democrats still owe more money than they have been successful in raising.

I personally believe that what we saw in the 2016 election was the silent majority stepping forward I believe that that was crucial to the defeat of Hillary Clinton. That was enough to elect Trump, last time.

This ime, with the economy running the economy running the way it’s been running the last 3 years, and the spectacle that the Democrats have been making of themselves for those same three years, the idea that the people willing to vote Democrat has grown, is simply not credible. That’s before we even we get into the Congressional races.

About that, there there are 30 different Democrats in the lower house up for reelection in districts that Donald Trump won in 2016.

Two ideas spring from this.

The first, Democrats being able to hang on to the lower house in 2020 is looking increasingly remote.

Secondly, it seems impossible to me that those Democrats don’t understand their vulnerability. They see clearly an actual vote for Trump impeachment, is a suicide vote. That, in turn, partially explains the Democrats not wanting take an actual impeachment vote…  (That and such a vote would give Senate Republicans the power of subpeona) … And instead, they’re perpetrating this farce that they are chasing now.

If I recall, it was one of Bill Clinton’s advisors who glibly informed us “it’s the economy, stupid”. It seems to me that the implications of that advice are overwhelming for the outcome of November, 2020.