The former Broward county sheriff…. Hmm…. well, actually that’s the headline. Scott Israel was removed by the Florida Senate, and is the former Broward county sheriff.

His stupidity, and his lack of courage got a lot of kids killed, and the only reason he lasted as long as he did is because he was well connected in Democrat Party circles as evidenced by the way the vote went down in the Florida Senate.

In a just world it wouldn’t have taken a vote to make this happen, and it blessedly sure wouldn’t have taken this long.

Ponder this for just a moment…

Scott Israel was a Democrat Party political power wannabe. The evidence of his cowardice of his poor leadership and his direct responsibility for the deaths involved at that school is incontrovertible. And yet the Democratic party power structure defended him and likely will continue to do so.

That he wasn’t even a major player in the party is important here. Think, now, how much more protection is going to be provided the major players in the Democrat Party as their corruption is called out?