I said a few years ago that there was a pattern to government takeovers..

Witness if you will the automobile industry in this country, which in my view is drowning under the weight of over-regulation over taxation and over unionization. How did the government respond to the bankruptcy or near bankruptcy is off the automobile industry? Did they lower the amount of regulations and red tape did they lower the amount of Union demands? No, they nationalized the Industries. Took over the companies, Lock Stock & Board Room.

Ponder as well the passenger railroad industry in this country. The past is strikingly similar. In the middle seventies, the regulation Burden had gotten to the point where the major railroads were going broke. Government killed the goose that laid the golden egg. And so what happens? Government steps in takes over the then bankrupted railroads, nationalizing them which to this day still serves an agonizingly small number of riders, mostly in the big government Northeast and in Washington DC. Ever heard of the Northeast Corridor?

So here we go again, more of the same:

The City of San Jose, Pacific Gas and Electric’s largest covered city, may soon have its own electrical system, due to frustration over numerous planned blackouts during the last several months.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo presented the plan to the San Jose Rules Committee late Wednesday. The plan states that the city should buy all of the bankrupt PG&E’s electrical utilities and create their own consumer-owned public utility, similar to several other cities in California such as Los Angeles and Pasadena.

Other cities are also currently weighing in on taking over electrical duties from PG&E following the planned blackouts, including San Francisco.

The thing is, as government takeovers increase in a particular field, service invariably gets cut. Have you been watching for example, the number of lines that Amtrak no longer runs? Have you noticed their prices increasing?

It’s not hard to predict where this is going, out in California. The advantage here, I guess, is the last smart person out of California won’t need to turn the lights off.

3 Responses to “San Jose Proposes Leaving PG&E And Creating It’s Own Public Utility”

  1. Back in 91 we had a little Ice Event. I worked it for 13 days, about 12 LMAO.
    Counted over 100 houses with motorhomes and campers in the driveway where people were watching their cellars flood.  Sandard excuses ranged from “It’s winterized” to we don’t know how to connect it. 

    When we became blessed with the takeover of RG&E, I reminded people of the criticality of Russel Station in the next recovery, trust me there will be a next recovery.  Russel, Beebe, and Sta 5 along with a couple others are now flat pads producing ZERO electrons. 

    Did you notice the level of Sewer Ontario this summer, gotta keep the lake high so electrons can be generated at Masena or NY is DARK.  Water went back down fast right after peak AC power demand, didn’t it.

    The happy land of Califoolya is already way short of generating capacity within the State.  Every municipal like LA is buying electrons from PG&E who are hauling it in from out of State. 
    So, where will the municipals get electrons from when PG&E shuts down Transmission and possibly Distribution lines?
    They got Laws in Califoolish that say electrons can only be derived from gas. No Diesel and absolutely nocoal. 

    Back in their last regional shortage CAT had a couple hundred machines burning Diesel just North of the State line for a company that shipped them South to Califools.

    While I’m on Califools, when are they going to get CalCARB compliant with the smoke from their wood fires?

  2. All the good points you make only makes sense if the people in power actually care about such matters.

    Let me explain it to you this way. Cuomo the lesser has made it clear that there are to be no means of moving fossil fuels around in New York state. then of course he blames the shortage of fossil fuels in New York state on the oil companies.

    The object here is to create governmental dependents. The shortages are intentional.

  3. And when Mario and Tilda’s nnasty deamon spawn who couldn’t keep a Kennedy girl happy in bed and his playmates bust out a sufficiency of NY farmers and steal that land Fracking will come to NY.

    What’s happening with the 16″ gas line originally destined to serve Russel when it converted from coal to gas?  Taxpayers are still funding it.  Seen any pipe go in the ground yet?