I keep seeing stories about this, this morning. Rick Moore:

The funniest story of the weekend is the news that Mitt Romney has a formerly secret Twitter account under the name of “Pierre Delecto” that he used to respond to critics and favorite and post anti-Trump tweets.

I’m now very sure that Romney would have been a complete disappointment as president. He’s as petty a man as Obama.

Yeah, well, it’s not like we haven’t been saying this all along.

One Response to “Mitt Romney’s Secret Twitter Account”

  1. Enigma comes to mind when looking at little mittins.  He certainly rolled a long way from the tree George was.

    He brings a certain smudge level to his campaigns and fire to his concessions. The talent & skill he displayed saving the Olympics could do much in the Federal Government, but Mittins always reverts to being a sniveling pissant when he looses.  He’s a choker as Mel’s husband says. 

    He indexes nicely with the current crop of Rs in the Congress of Criminals.