News from the Debacle in Dayton: from Frontpage:

As the evening wore on, Biden grew more incoherent, at one point saying he would “end Roe v. Wade” before correcting himself. His repetitions of “here’s the deal” and “come on” recalled his recent reference to a “record player.” On most issues, his fellow candidates did sound like a broken record.

Candidates touted the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, without any clear idea of how to pay for them. Warren swore that taxes would only go up on the wealthy. Tom Steyer urged the candidates to “talk about prosperity” and he claimed he could expose Trump as “a fraud and failure as a businessman.”

The ‘rats have a new leader, from Daily Wire:

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren received the most speaking time at the latest Democratic debate Tuesday, but with her newfound frontrunner status, she was also forced to endure a litany of attacks from her opponents.

The pioneers leaders take the arrows, more arrows from Michael Goodwin, New York Post:

It was left to [Robert] Beto O’Rourke to identify what I regard as a key liability of Warren’s campaign, namely her obvious desire to use the power of the presidency to punish rather than help. There’s something stridently negative about that and I’m only surprised that O’Rourke was the one to point it out.

He began the sequence by saying she didn’t seem interested in “lifting people up.” Instead, he said, she is “more interested in being punitive and pitting one part of the country against another.”

Meanwhile back on the flip side, a ‘rat who on occasion will touch on sanity, video:

The other female ‘rats should not Gabbard’s let voice in. She far closer vocally to a leader like Margaret Thatcher than she is to the shrill Mrs. B.J. Clinton.

Of course, that and dollar fifty at McDonalds…..