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Bernie is Toast

From that bastion of right-wing philosophy, Politico [1]:

Bernie Sanders has been sidelined for nearly a week — after failing for almost three days to disclose that he had a heart attack. It’s unclear when the 78-year-old senator will return to the stump. His campaign has yet to divulge the severity of his heart attack.

And that sequence of events unfolded as he’s been eclipsed in the polls by the other progressive icon in the race, Elizabeth Warren.

It’s time for a little honesty here.

Bernie Sanders had absolutely no chance of winning the nomination, even less chance of winning in the general. It’s now down to the point where I doubt he’s even going to win re-election to his senate seat.

That was absent the heart attack.

One has to wonder if the heart attack wasn’t contracted as a graceful way of bowing out of the race.

Meanwhile, to what Venezuelan hospital should I be sending flowers?

Oh, wait. You say he didn’t avail himself of the great medical Care in a socialist country?

Can you imagine that Donald Trump wasn’t going to chew him up and spit him out on the Vermont snow, on that point alone?