I’m seeing several reports that China is losing close on $100MUSD per day because of the attacks on Saudi Arabia Oil Facilities, and the limits on Iran.

Burning oil fields in Saudi Arabia resulting from an Iranian drone attack

In terms of oil, it is China that benefits most from a stable middle East. When the recent attacks on the free flow of crude from the region started again in earnest, it was China, not the US, that suffered most… And that suffering continues.

The US, meanwhile, continues to do well, thanks to fracking. (One can easily understand why the unamerican left is against fracking…)

The movement by the president to withdraw our military from the region seems to have all this in mind. It has been kept stable, these last decades, by American blood and American treasure. Strategically, a bad situation to say nothing of the cost of lives and money. Pumping out own oil, rather than sacrificing our money and our military seems a far more viable solution, and has the added benefit of further limiting China, who has never been anything but a bad actor on the world stage.

And yes, I hear some of you screaming about how we are deserting our allies. The Kurds, in particular. Did anyone really expect us to stay there forever?

The NY Post yesterday, addressed this:

“Over the last few days, a host of former Obama officials have been repeating this story, which is highly misleading, to say the least. Rice and her colleagues would have us believe that Team Obama created a highly effective plan for stabilizing the Middle East by working through groups like the YPG, and Trump, mercurial and impulsive, is throwing it all away by seeking a rapprochement with Ankara. That’s nonsense. In fact, the close relationship with the YPG was a quick fix that bequeathed to Trump profound strategic dilemmas. Trump inherited from Obama a dysfunctional strategy for countering ISIS, one that ensured ever-greater turmoil in the region and placed American forces in an impossible position.”

As for the rest, when has Syria for example come down on our side of anything? For that matter, while Turkey was an ally years ago, does anyone supposed Edrogian would come down on our side of anything, including the Kurdish issue, either?

If there’s anything in the way of evidence of this, I’m not seeing it.

So ultimately the only thing that we were doing was spending our money and our military to keep things stable for people who hate us. Iran and China being chief among them.

Why? How long were we expected to keep this up?

And you know what? I’m old enough to remember when The Donkey club wanted us out of the middle East. Does anyone by chance remember chants of ” no blood for oil”?