Valarie Plume, once a CIA agent, now a candidate for Congress, is a true blonde: from Washington Free Beacon:

“I was an undercover CIA operative. My assignment was preventing rogue states and terrorists from getting nuclear weapons. You name a hot spot, I lived it,” Plame states while the ad flashes images of “hot spots” like Iran and North Korea, where she never lived. Plame was only known to have been stationed in Greece.

Later in the advertisement, Plame states “Dick Cheney’s chief of staff took revenge against my husband and leaked my identity. His name: Scooter Libby. Guess who pardoned him last year?” she then asks, referencing President Donald Trump’s pardon of Libby.

First the good news, in a caucus of Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler and Alexandria Occassio-Cortez, Plume might not actually lower the caucus’ collection IQ, or just maybe.

Then on the other hand, Plume can’t remember the facts of her own case, or how to do a web search. The back ground is that Plume status as a CIA employee, not agent, was disclosed in column by Robert Novak. It seemed, that Plume sweet talked the agency into sending her husband, sans qualifications, to Africa to examine importation of uranium ore. When the idiot got back, he wrote a column about his lack in Africa. In researching his column Novak asked the question way an unqualified envoy was sent in the first place. Plume’s name emerged. It could be argued that Plume was outed by her, or her husband’s, own stupidity.

Yet when Plume’s CIA employment was revealed by in Novak’s column, Plume was one, not covert. Her name had already been disclosed by Aldrich Ames. Two, Novak learned of Plume through Richard Armitage, and not I. Lewis Libby.  Three, neither Libby or Armitage was ever charged with disclosing Plume’s name.