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The Reason for All the Democrat Mouth Foaming is a Simple One. If They Don’t Silence Dissent, They Will Not Win

Frank Bullitt this morning [1]:

Earlier this year, former Goldman Sachs adviser and columnist Ron Hart wrote in the Orange County Register about Democrats’ strategy “to fan the fires of racial division in order to win back the White House in 2020.”

While true, much more than 2020 is at stake. Democrats want an us-and-them country, one in which they alone have the raw political power. It’s a long-term strategy that has most prominently appeared in their gun-control efforts. Their objective isn’t to reduce firearm violence but to separate Americans into two groups: backward hicks bitterly clinging to their guns and urbane sophisticates who have evolved beyond that primitive state and therefore have standing to rule the hicks.

Ignoring, of course that these selfsame Urban sophisticates are the proximate cause of the majority of the gun violence in this country, by a factor of 10.

He goes on:

By segragating America into two parts — vile, retrograde deplorables who can’t be trusted, and educated, forward-looking progressives — Democrats are setting up a society in which they wouldn’t govern under constitutional limits but rule by political mandate. All power must be turned over to them to keep the barbarians outside the gates. Just as the Cloward-Piven strategy was to create a financial/institutional/societal crisis so profound that it required radical government intervention, seeding the specter of racism and white supremacy is designed to yield a permanent Democratic regime.

Which is precisely what has upset the Donkey club so… Trump represents a huge roadblock to that goal, one which in their view must at all costs, be obliterated.

Mind, I still hold that as personal as the attacks on Trump have been, he is not the real issue for them. Instead, the core reason for Democrat mouths foaming as they’ve been, is that there is resistance to the dynasty they have been trying to build. ( I say again, can anyone imagine the Democrats reacting any differently to a president Ted Cruz?)

Recent events have left all of this completely exposed to the Americn voter… And the results are predictable.