Listen to a recent John Batchelor show episode which describes the situation.

Gavin Newsom tried to explain the homeless problem in his state away by claiming these people were coming from the far more sensibly governed Texas. Even the far leftist Pollyfact was forced to call him out on that laughable nonsense.

The Democrats, who have both the governor’s Mansion and a supermajority in the legislature have raised the cost of living out there by over-taxation and over-/regulation to the point where nobody can’t afford to live there anymore. That in fact is where the homeless are coming from.

Leftist policies lead to this kind of destruction regardless of where they are enacted, and yet we are told this is the humane way.

The question becomes how much longer we are going to allow the left to force people to suffer this way.


Just just in case you think the west is a loan in this nonsense, consider NY…

Gov. Andrew Cuomo doubled down last week on his blame-the-messenger approach to New York’s growing shortage of natural-gas supplies by ordering the Department of Public Service to “broaden its investigation” of National Grid and threatening to “find another franchisee.”

Thus spoke Governor Andrew Maduro.