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Rep. Adam Schiff, House Intel Panel to Hear From Whistleblower ‘very Soon’ Yeah, Right.

The Washington Times is telling us: [1]

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Sunday the committee is moving forward with its impeachment inquiry into President Trump and will hear from the inspector general again this week, as well as five State Department officials.

He also said he is negotiating with the whistleblower’s attorneys so the committee can hear directly from the analyst who accused the president of pressuring a foreign government to probe his potential 2020 rival, Joseph R. Biden.

Look… First of all, Adam Schiff has absolutely no credibility whatsoever after literally years of lying to Congress and the American people about evidence he was supposedly in possession of, but never produced.

As to this particular, the claim is that they are taking so long to produce this witness because they need to “Protect their identity”.

One can certainly understand that need, after, for example, the accusers of Justice Kavanaugh were investigated and thereby discredited. Take Christine Ford, for example.

Her own history and connections completely discredited her.

A few examples from her record:

Her grandfather, Nicholas Deak, was a well-known CIA agent for decades. Her father Ralph Blasey Jr., Rlran 3 different CIA front companies… Datawatch, Redcoats, Inc, and Admiral security systems… And her brother worked for Baker Hostetler which was the firm which created Fusion GPS, and the dossier used to start the Russian collusion hoax.

One one can certainly understand why the Democrats would be reluctant to expose their supposed “whistleblower” to any kind of scrutiny.

At at this point it seems an even-money bet that it’s more of the smoke and mirrors we’ve come to expect from Shiff… And it’s my read we’re going to see him backing off this very soon.