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Points to Ponder for the First Days of Fall

They are starting to get chilly outside,

The leaves are changing and we are busy watching the bonfire of the Democrats.

* The Democrats have spent the last couple of decades at least telling us that greed, guns, and prisons are what’s wrong with America. Then they tell us we should give them our guns and money, or get sent to prison.

* The same people that say all the allegations against Hillary Clinton over the past 48 years are meaningless, despite piles of evidence that support the allegations, because she was never found guilty of anything in court… now insist that any accusation against Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh is proof of guilt despite no evidence of any kind that supports the accusations.

* I made reference [1] the other day to what finally pushed Nancy Pelosi over the impeachment edge. I was reminded earlier today that was only part of the issue. It turns out Paul Pelosi, the Speaker’s son was also in the Ukraine at the time Quid pro quo Joe Biden’s kid was… We know Joe Biden threatened to Ukraines funding if they didn’t fire the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s criminality. Joe Biden bragged about it. Now we see Pelosi acting to protect her kid from a corruption investigation. Clearly, someone does not want the Democrat/Ukrainian connection investigated. I can’t imagine why. 😒

* Speaking of the impeachment hearings, the Democrats are certainly in a hurry. I’m seeing increasing references to very few hearings being held at all. The increasing speed with which this garbage is moving is suggestive of cockroaches running for cover when the light gets turned on.