Slow Joe, Joseph Biden, raids cookie jar. Brags about it on C/SPAN, from Legal Insurrection:

In any case, back in 2018 former Vice President Biden bragged about pressuring Ukrainian officials to fire the prosecutor investigating his son (who was involved in some seriously shady business dealings with Burisma) or risk losing out on a $1 billion loan from the US. Biden’s bribe was successful. And bonus, it’s allllllll on tape!


Yet more ‘rat corruption, from WaPo, via Legal Insurrection:

It got almost no attention, but in May, CNN reported that Sens. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) and Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) wrote a letter to Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Yuriy Lutsenko, expressing concern at the closing of four investigations they said were critical to the Mueller probe. In the letter, they implied that their support for U.S. assistance to Ukraine was at stake. Describing themselves as “strong advocates for a robust and close relationship with Ukraine,” the Democratic senators declared, “We have supported [the] capacity-building process and are disappointed that some in Kyiv appear to have cast aside these [democratic] principles to avoid the ire of President Trump,” before demanding Lutsenko “reverse course and halt any efforts to impede cooperation with this important investigation.”

So, it’s okay for Democratic senators to encourage Ukraine to investigate Trump, but it’s not okay for the president to allegedly encourage Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden?

Reax, from New York Sun:

All the more reason, in our view, for Mr. Trump to have pressed for an investigation. The Democrats will need an electron microscope to find in the Trump-Zelensky phone call particles of either a quid or a pro or a quo that compare to the Uluru of a quid pro quo in the Biden-Poroshenko palaver. How are Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic caucus going to make a federal case out of Mr. Trump without sacrificing Mr. Biden?

I suspect that Speaker Pelosi will willingly torpedo what’s left of Slow Joe, if that is what is takes to get the President. However, will the Speaker also torpedo, Senators Menedez, Durbin and Leahy? What say you Senator Chuck Schumer?

Vice President Biden clearly implied that President Obama was complicit in Biden’s corruption. Will the former President attempt to clear his name?

Addendum: Eric

I’ve been questioning most of the morning, whether or not the elimination of Biden from the presidential race isn’t precisely what a fair number of Democrats intend… And before Iowa.