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Mrs. Clinton Comes to Slow Joe’s Aid?

[1]Has Mrs. Clinton turned over a new leaf and toned down her lust to get a second chance at the White House china? I suggest no. Yet Mrs. Clinton apparent gesture towards Slow Joe, Joseph Biden(creep – Delaware) could be seen as sign of Christian charity. Then it could be an Clinton style attempt throw a downing candidate yet another rock, from Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz, Cut [2]:

f you’ve been a victim of one of Joe Biden’s creepy kisses, massages, nuzzles, or hand-grabs, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a thought: Just get over it! In an interview with People, Clinton claimed that she’d “heard a little bit about” Biden’s widely reported and well-documented history of inappropriate touching.

Clinton referred to the behavior as “a little annoying habit,” suggesting that a) the criticism of Biden’s inappropriate touching is the result of the kind of overzealous media fixation faced by all presidential hopefuls, and that b) there are worse things happening in the White House:

There is only room for one supposed moderate on the democrat debate stage.