CNN the Criminal News Network, should go vegan or go home.  CNN fronted a phony climate debate where democrat presidential candidates via to see which one most restrict your travel, the existence and size of your family and most importantly your diet.  If it is meat and it is red, the ‘rats purport to hate it and want to restrict or ban it, video:

Yet while CNN parades climate alarmist parrots, the network supports, promotes and profits from companies profiting from the very things, sex, travel and red meat, that CNN quest claim are killing our planet.

It is evident from CNN’s target audience that the clown posse’s proposals, well demands, are not actions they are willing to do, but rather restrictions they want to impose on you. For example, I doubt that Golden Corral is targeting consumers looking to give red meat.

CNN must apologize for pushing a life style choice her quest claim are killing the planet.  Moreover CNN must ban companies profiting from lifestyle CNN claims to be a danger to the planet and to refunds their advertising dollars.

CNN next president topic debate will be on LGBTQ issues.  I only hope CNN can do to queerdom what they did to environmental extremism.