Silly Gilly, New York junior Senator Kristine Gillibrand, should send now former democrat presidential candidate, Bill de Blasio, a thank note and some flowers. De Blasio’s was the only New Yorker who precluded Gilly from being the most insignificant candidate seeking he democrat nomination, from Bob Manus, New York Post:

Now [Bill] de Blasio has only dreams of what might have been — and memories of those 10-person campaign crowds; his mortifying invisibility in the polls; his irrelevance in the cattle-call debates; his virtual inability to raise a legitimate dime, and the rip-saw ridicule he suffered in the media.

Normal New Yorkers are left with this question: How can the fellow even look into the mirror in the morning?

Gilly tried to become President with a rabid war on men.  However Mayor Bill bottomed her out by waging a campaign that could not break past the the digit barrier.  Now Bill can concentrate on his real passion, morning workouts at the gym, thereby making easy for Little Andy, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, to politically urinate on him.