New Yorkers pay three times, federal gas tax, state gas tax and Thruway Tolls. Yet the reprobate Little Andy, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo refuses to do his job and maintain the public’s road, from WGRC .

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Congressman Tom Reed (R – 23rd District) has sent a letter to the US Department of Justice calling for a criminal investigation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his executive office.

Reed says there is adequate reason to investigate
potential abuses of power and misuse of federal funds and it’s all
connected to the portion of the New York State Thruway that runs through
the Seneca Nation’s Cattaraugus Reservation.

The roughly three mile stretch is also US Interstate 90, and is in such bad shape that the speed limit has been reduced from 65 miles per hour to 45.

What is Little Andy doing with the people’s money?  Let my money go.

One Response to “Andrew Cuomo, All Tax, No Road”

  1. He bought himself a very nice Harley and had it all tricked out so a runt can ride it with the State Police Goon Squad without falling over.

    You think those signs for DaddyBridge were cheap?
    Andy has boyz passin it out to other boyz who know how to kick it up to Andy properly.

    Remember, poor Andy couldn’t keep a Kennedy girl happy in the sack.  He be differently enabled.