davidl on September 29th, 2019

Eric’s point about Mrs. Clinton preparing to waddle back into the presidential arena may be a good one. Granted, their is no room for Mrs. Clinton as long as Slow Joe Biden campaign remains on life support. However Slow Joe’s life support is not looking that good right now. President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudi Guiliani, […]

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Eric Florack on September 29th, 2019

The trend continues: The wild-child niece of former Veep Joe Biden stole more than $100,000 in a credit card scam — and quietly cut a plea deal in Manhattan court that spares her any jail time, The Post has learned. This has taken on the feel of an orchestrated attack. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton rises from […]

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Eric Florack on September 29th, 2019

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Eric Florack on September 29th, 2019

Found elsewhere: “Lenin regarded all interactions as zero-sum. To use the phrase he made famous, the fundamental question is always ‘Who Whom?’—who dominates whom, who does what to whom, ultimately who annihilates whom. To the extent that we gain, you lose. Contrast this view with the one taught in basic microeconomics: whenever there is a […]

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