Take a look at what each and every one of the Democratic presidential candidates is proposing. Along with the Democrats in Congress of course.

The policies they are promoting infringe on the second amendment to the maximum degree that they can possibly arrange while at the same time telling people from around the world , Come and get your free stuff… Our taxpayers will cover you.”

Question at this point to my mind is, assuming those policies are put into force, what does American citizenship mean then?

It means slavery.

Without being armed, without our weapons, we have no recourse whatsoever against the government taking from us to support non-citizens. (Not that non-citizens wouldn’t have the vote given that the Democrats have been spoiling that as well.)

One cannot look at the arguments being made by the Democrats without coming to that conclusion, if we are honest about it. Which of course the Democrats seldom are. They know full well that if they are honest about their goals, they won’t get any votes at all from American citizens but, that’s the reality of it.

And the thing is, the Democrats are just fine with all of this provided that the ever-increasing power of government is in their hands.

. Where does all this lead us? Venezuela, and Hong Kong are two current examples.