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Where is the Beef?

The absolutely horrible conditions in and around the city of Baltimore and specifically inside the congressional district of one Elijah Cummings begs a few questions.

How is it, that gift as he claims he’s done immense amounts of good for his district, how is it that the conditions are as bad as they are?

Years ago, Wendy’s ran a series of commercials with an older woman named Clara, who when confronted with a microscopic burger inside of a bun approximately the size of Baltimore itself, demanded “where’s the beef?”

If what we currently see in Baltimore is a result of the efforts of one Elijah Cummings, and it seems logical to assert that’s the case, we are like Clara forced to raise the question: “where’s the beef?”

With all of these supposedly positive influences that Elijah Cummings has had on his district, why is it so bad there?

As an extension to that question then, comes the question of what precisely are the legislative accomplishments of Elijah Cummings?

I have been to Baltimore many times and I have to tell you that none of those experiences has been very positive. And I wasn’t even in the worst part of town, which is the area represented by Mr. Cummings, supposedly.

Between recent press reports, and my own personal and admittedly anecdotal experiences, I am left to wonder what it is precisely that Elijah Cummings has accomplished in his district, other than enriching himself. [1]

I spent some time looking at a number of websites including that of Mr. Cummings himself, and all of them speak in laudatory terms about his accomplishments, but then none of them go on to list anything specific.

Not finding any answers there, I am forced into looking at it from the opposite side, what would Elijah Cummings do differently if he wanted to create one of the worst slums in the nation?

Which leads us to the people that keep electing him.

Joseph de Maistre advised us that we get the government that we deserve.

“Welcome to Baltimore’

(I will go on to say I strenuously object to the argument that de Maistre made with that discovery, but that’s another issue.)

The district of Elijah Cummings is if nothing else, a prime example of what happens when you depend on government to make a difference in your life instead of getting up off your cheeks and doing it yourself. In that sense, that district deserves the representation that it’s getting.

The only mystery in all of this is, how is it that Elijah Cummings manages to convince better than 50% of his district that he’s the best choice to do anything about the situation there.

I have to tell you, I have my problems with Donald Trump. But his commentary as regards Elijah Cummings isn’t one of them. He’s forcing the Democrats to defend this slug…. And he has shown a very large light on what’s been going on in Baltimore under Democrat leadership for some time.

The question will be whether or not this translates to a change in representation, not only for Baltimore but other districts so affected. Chicago. Los Angeles. San Diego. San Francisco and so on.