So Billy Beck posts a link to o a letter from the Dayton Ohio shooters ex-girlfriend. I will warn you that the letter contains descriptions of some really sick stuff going on, to the point where I won’t even quote it here.

Billy posted the link with any extensive commentary, but I respond this way:


So even she in her decreased mental capacity is able to identify red flags in this bozo.

I’m sure that will hear about how Reagan closed the mental health facilities. That bull’s been spread for the last 30 years anyway, by a group of people interested in creating a fascist state under the guise of ‘love and compassion”.

That being said, who could look at this situation that she describes and not understand that the both of them are a couple of cheese cubes short of a fondue pot?

I am uncomfortable with the government having that power, given that we’ve seen the Russians the Chinese the Germans and the Cubans all use the excuse of mental illness for jailing political dissidents… As uncomfortable as I expect most of you are.

The thing is, here’s another area where the left has been successful in tearing down social norms to the point where the argument is made even at the governmental level, “they’re not sick, they’re just different”.
Or, perhaps, “we have no proof that this mentality is a problem”.

So, given the left and it’s removal of the mechanism society used to use to deal with these issues, and the lack of trust in the government to be able to handle the situation without totally making it worse, what is there to be done?

Billy responds with a wonderfully succinct:

You’re asking how to light a candle once it’s been snuffed out.

His description is depressingly apt, but I have to believe there is a way to salvage this situation. Whatever that solution is, it’s going to take time, and it will involve we the people taking back our government from the left.