Let’s take a close look at the top three candidates for the Democrat party’s presidential nomination.

It must really gaul Elizabeth Warren that the person who has done her the most political damage in her entire political career was Donald Trump.

Face it… if it wasn’t for Trump, the business with Warren claiming she was native American would not have come to a crashing, embarrassing end,

By the actions of the president, her entire political career of lying about being a native American was exposed. I don’t know about you, but if it were me I would not be very pleased if I were a minority, that she still has a political career at all. If she were a Republican, such exposure certainly would have ended ended her career.

Speaking of people who shouldn’t have a political career anymore…. Joe Biden. I mean, even leaving aside his gaffetastic nature and his well -documented touchy- feely past, there are other issues that should have ended his political life.

Example… Maybe you guys don’t remember, but I do… Joe Biden wanting to amend the Constitution to end interracial busing. Have you noticed that the news media hasn’t even touched on that point?

Then of course there is Bernie Sanders.

This is the guy who has been preaching forever about income inequality, from one of his three houses.

So those are the leaders of the race for the nomination of the Democratic Party. But what do we really have here?

What we have here is a group of old, white, millionaires.

The average age of the leaders of the democratic nomination race is 74 years old. if you are 70 plus it’s going to be a little difficult to sell yourself as the party of young ideas..

All three are pasty white… (despite at least one of them trying to pass themselves off as something other than that.)

All three have made multiple millions of dollars whilst hip-deep in government. That alone should give anyone with a functioning brain cell a pause. Wasn’t it Harry Truman who observed that nobody can get rich in politics unless they’re crooked?

Indeed, this race is on track with precisely what I predicted months ago. It is now a little more then a contest how much of other people’s money each candidate can promise the voter.

Meanwhile Donald Trump’s approval numbers amongst the minorities that Joe Biden didn’t want to bus in, blacks and Hispanics, continue to rise over the last six months. Trump’s approval rating among blacks is on the order of 25% and among Hispanics, 50%. If those trends continue, Trump will be completely unbeatable in 15 months time. (Still wonder about why the 1619 project is being pushed by the left?)

This is the best group of people that the Democrat Party has to offer America today.