Going absolutely nuts about Donald Trump on a knitting site?

Social Justice Knitters, SJKs as I call them, weighed in en masse in the comments section. “What did I just read? Respectfully, your words are bigoted. You don’t own the concept of diversity…How is this post doing anything other than protecting white fragility, tone policing, and white silence?” said Helen Kim, who has become a sort of self-appointed spokesperson and inquisitor-in-chief for the SJK community.

“Interesting how your voicing of the need for ‘positivity’ in these discussions reminds me a lot of the rhetoric used by white supremacists.”

I will say this again. This is not about Trump.

Ask yourself a question. Can you imagine the Looney left reacting any differently whatsoever to a president Ted Cruz?

Remember, every single Republican president since Eisenhower has suffered under an impeachment attempt by the Democrats. Every single one.

This kind of loony reaction is nothing new, just a bit louder these days because they understand that the American people have caught on to their shtick.

These are the Nazi tactics that Democrats employ. This is exactly who they are.