Ilhan Omar, representive(MN-5) purports both by word and deed to a Muslim and a supporter of Sharia law, from Conservative Daily

Ilhan Omar and her compatriots in “the squad” hate America and hate Jews, especially Isreal which they have spoken out against while proclaiming to be pro-American. They attack racism while being racists themselves. This is a very serious ruse to gain your favor and thus gain power over us. Omar is especially dangerous. She supports Sharia law which is indicative by the various headscarves she wears. That is not a fashion statement. In the Muslim world under Sharia law, a woman is not allowed to show her hair. Omar also hangs around Linda Sarsour who has advocated Sharia law for this country and has been seen in pictures with her.

Now from Bitsblog double secret embed in Minnesota we have news of Representative Omar’s adultery, from Scott Johnson, Power Line:

This is a big week for the Minnesota media. They are now permitting their consumers to catch up with the news delivered last month by the Daily Mail. That is, Ilhan Omar has separated from the husband she just got around to marrying last year (i.e., Ahmed Hirsi) and taken up with a married man (i.e., Tim Mynett) who works for her as a consultant. The Daily Mail even tracked down the expensive apartment into which Omar has moved and tracked down Ahmed Hirsi in Minneapolis for a “no comment.” The Minnesota media haven’t gotten there yet, but they have opened the door to the subject.

So I ask the good Congress woman, when she will voluntarily deport herself back to Somalia, and surrender to a Sharia court?   The Sharia penalty for adultery  by the woman is execution by stoning.