Sebastian Gorka nails this one:

First, the shooter expresses his disdain for both major parties; he decries the Democrats’ open-borders policies while also declaring that “the Republican Party is also terrible,” since the GOP, he says, is “pro-corporation,” and “pro-corporation = pro-immigration.”

The section of his manifesto entitled “Economic Reasons” is by far the most shocking part, in terms of directly contradicting the media spin that this shooter was somehow far-right.

He explicitly expresses his support for “a basic universal income,” which he says is the only thing that can “prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest.” He then goes on to support “ambitious social projects like universal healthcare.” Later, he claims that the American lifestyle “is destroying the environment of our country,” and that “the decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations.”

So clearly this killer supports some of the most openly socialist policies in American political discourse today, including universal income, socialized medicine, and a belief in “global warming.” Yet, according to the media, he is somehow just another “far-right” shooter who has been motivated by President Trump.

Gorka points out elsewhere that the Ohio shooter described himself as a Satanist who was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren.

It’s almost like there’s a trend to going on here.

…..and once again the trend continues that these mass shootings are occurring in supposed gun-free zones. In other words, places where people are unable to defend themselves.

The government has demonstrated many times that it is unable or unwilling to defend citizens. Yet, it is demanded of us that we disarm ourselves? That’s kind of like being castrated because our neighbor is having too many kids.

My friends, is a question that these events bring up is rather simple, direct, and it shocks me that it actually needs to be asked. At what point are we going to realize that making ourselves defenseless isn’t the answer to evil?

Addendum: Eric

Roger Simon agrees, saying in part:

Predictably, Beto O’Rourke fairly sprinted down to his hometown of El Paso to blame Donald Trump for the city’s mass murders in the hope of reigniting the Texan’s failing presidential campaign. But if you read the gunman’s manifesto, you would find the murderer as much in agreement, possibly more so, with Elizabeth Warren and O’Rourke himself than with Trump. The shooter wants universal healthcare and a guaranteed income. He also wants to kill Mexicans and to partition the country into equal race-based sections, a kind of identity politics taken to the nth power, not that any of this matters. The man is clearly insane, as was the now-deceased Dayton killer who was reportedly a Democrat and a Satanist, planning on voting for Warren, as well as, of course, being mentally ill. . . .

This is obviously not politics in any rational sense, although we are hearing endless political statements from pols anxious to exploit the tragedy. It’s about craziness. An epidemic is sweeping the country and has been for some time. Mass shootings are only one manifestation, although arguably the most horrible and extreme one.

Roger goes on to make valid points as regards mental health issues. But before we get into that, we really ought to discuss who it is that’s trying to make political hay out of this tragedy.


Let’s get that part nail down and then maybe we can have an honest discussion about the rest of it.