Glenn nails it:

I’D TAKE HIS “THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM IS AWFUL” STANCE MORE SERIOUSLY IF HE WEREN’T TRAILING BADLY IN THE PRIMARYPOLL AS A REPUBLICAN: Justin Amash Slams The Trump GOP. Vox, of course, loves the idea of a third party that will siphon off enough votes to elect democrats.

Well, yeah. But, more importantly…

Yes, Justin. Voters like the idea that the people who govern them are loyal to them. Nationalism is unpopular with elites because it involves such loyalty, and loyalty to one’s own people limits one’s options in ways that our governing class finds unacceptable. I don’t think supporting the governing class here is either principled or libertarian.

There’s the key, here.

For all his play- acting that he’s a principled conservative/libertarian, he’s about as much a conservative/ libertarian as McCain was. As with McCain, when the really important stuff came along, it turned out that his principles involved supporting The Establishment over the people.

It should be noted that Michigan 3, went large for Trump…. And Amash is now paying the price, correctly, justifiably, and now completely, for having flown directly in the face of the wishes of his constituents.

And I have no sympathy whatsoever for him.