The Washington Times lays this out, pretty well..

“There were some House Republicans in our prep sessions patting themselves on the back about that and feeling optimistic about assertions he might not be all there,” Mr. Gaetz told The Washington Times.

He said he didn’t believe those colleagues and warned them to expect a razor-sharp witness, but “it turned out the rumors we’ve been hearing about his condition seemed accurate.”

“I told my colleagues to expect him to be like a wolverine and they’d better know every chapter and verse and citation for every question,” he said

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who wasn’t part of the questioning of Mr. Mueller, said he was aware of the lawyer’s frailty ahead of the hearing.

“I know he’s in a weakened condition,” Mr. Graham told The Times.

He said the Democrats never should have pressured Mr. Mueller to testify, given “his condition.”

“He’s an American patriot. He was wounded in Vietnam. He served as FBI director after 9/11. I am very upset that [Democrats] would put him in that spot. It was clear to me based on common friends that he’s in a weakened condition, and what happened was really over the top,” Mr. Graham said

But here’s the key…. if Lindsey Graham knew all of this, it’s a lock- sure bet the Democrats knew about it, too. That, dear reader, we can take as solid indication of just how desperate the Democrats are these days.

They knew his testimony was problematic and yet they put him up there anyway because they didn’t have anything else to go with.

And to the point I made yesterday about this being a Weinstein driven investigation instead of a Mueller driven investigation, this I take as proof of that supposition. The kind of metal frailty that we saw in front of those committees yesterday does not happen overnight. Robert Mueller was suffering with that frailty for at least a goodly portion of his special counsel tenure. Which in turn explains the content of the Mueller report. Led by Weinstein, the 26 Democrat operatives under him were unfettered by anything resembling truth. They were able to operate under the guise of an investigation to hammer home (they assumed) the concept that the only reason Hillary Clinton lost the election was because of Russian interference…. Forgetting that the Russians have been trying to interfere with our elections since 1917…(and given the election of Woodrow Wilson probably succeeded back then)

I am willing, at this point, to accept the idea that Robert Mueller was above board and served his country faithfully when he had the mental capacity to do so, but I am thoroughly convinced at this point that the Democrats took advantage of that credibility to push their own agenda.

If you needed to see the kind of people that the Democrats really are, you need look no further than this scenario.