Well, now America has a pretty good idea of why Robert Mueller was reluctant to answer questions when the Mueller report first dropped. It also knows why he wasn’t interested in coming in to testify.

Robert Mueller showed himself to be disconnected from his own report, and quite possibly disconnected from an understanding of what planet he’s on.

(How in the bleep can you not know who Fusion GPS is?)

Robert Mueller spent most of his time referring questions back to the report that he signed off on, apparently desperately afraid to contradict anything in the report he signed off on already, but for whatever reason, didn’t remember.

This leads to the conclusion that the Mueller report was a staff driven investigation not a Mueller driven investigation. Specifically, this means, as I’ve suggested already Andrew Weissman and his band of Democrat operatives.

The two volumes are so wildly different with volume two going so far out of line, I am forced to believe that there are two people responsible for the individual volumes.

As an example, the last paragraph of volume two draws the conclusion that they can neither prove nor deny that crimes were committed by Trump and his organization, but that’s not a conclusion that a prosecutor would draw. Indeed, publicizing such a conclusion is precisely against the special counsel statute.

A prosecutor would know full well if there’s nothing that you can indict a person on, you simply hold your silence.

The thing is, Mueller knows this and would instinctively react that way. I am convinced now that volume two was written by his chief of staff, Andrew Weissman, and his thirty some odd Democrat operatives which made up Mueller’s supposed “dream team”. Andrew Weissman is known as a wildly partisan critter around Washington and what is in volume two would be consistent with that positioning.

Robert Mueller has a reputation of being a pretty sharp guy, but based on what we saw in both hearings today, those days are behind him.

It’s logical to ask, however painful for the Democrats this may be, how long this is been going on, and whether or not the signs of age that we were witness to today, affected the investigation and the report and allowed it to lean toward more partisan goals than the seeking of Truth.

it’s my guess that the Democrats at this point are regretting dragging his backside in, because of the damage he’s managed to do to their arguments.

Donald Trump occasionally overstates his case but his remarks about today’s proceedings are spot-on. It’s such a disaster for the Democrats.