* Ponder a group of people that now finds Jeffrey Epstein disgusting, (after many years of having no problems with him at all so long as the money kept flowing, even after he was sentenced) and yet doesn’t seem to have any problem at all with 11 year old drag queens dancing at a gay bar.

# Let’s put an end for once and all to the idea that people in Louisiana aren’t smart. Anybody that can take the majority of the Democrats in the state, who cannot swim, and arrange so that they all live in a city that’s 5 feet below sea level, is probably a genius.

# Reports have it that Miley Cyrus is saying she won’t have kids because of global warming. I would regard this as the gene pool cleansing itself of idiots.

# With regards to the women’s soccer team? Buck Sexton says it best:

Antagonizing half the country at every opportunity instead of trying to expand audience is exactly the kind of strategic thinking one would expect from a team that lost to a bunch of 14 year old boys in 2017

Indeed. weren’t we being preached at just a short while ago that the reason that women soccer wasn’t doing all that well financially, was because we are all a bunch of misogynist sexist pigs who can’t stand strong women, yada, yada, yada…. I mean, isn’t that the relative equivalent of this for a sales pitch, “the reason you’re not buying this car is because you’re an idiot”. (Which come to think of it seems to be the major sales pitch behind electric vehicles anymore… Something of a trend there…)