* Our supposed mainstream media covered Mueller’s testimony for 7 hours straight, nonstop. Yet covering the salute to America on July 4th in DC was too time-consuming for them.

* For all the coverage that they gave the Mueller fiasco, they somehow didn’t bother making much out of this:

Stefanik: Did you read the Steele Dossier?

Mueller: I’m not going to answer that.

* In Cuomo’s NY…cat declawing is cruel, brutal, and now illegal in NY. Late term abortions of innocent babies is legal and A-OK.

* Never forget that the DPRK would not exist absent Chinese Communist money and therefore North Korea’s actions on the world stage would not exist without Chinese Communist direction. If you want to know why Donald Trump is playing hardball with China on an economic level, you need to look no further the actions of little gargoyle, Kim Jeong Un. None of the usual suspects seem to understand this relationship.

* Jeffrey Epstein is known to have donated at least $80,000 through the 90s to Democrat Party causes. what is the Democrat Party going to return that money?

* The Democrats at the hearings yesterday seemed to be quite upset with the idea that some of trumps team was attempting to make money in their dealings. They act as if they’ve never heard of the Clinton foundation.