After just forty-four weeks, Planned Parenthood has aborted the presidency of Dr. Leana Wen. Her apparent crime, a knowledge of high school biology, from Lisa Carr, Victory Girls:

But it wasn’t just Wen’s medical over political focus that had the Board of Directors questioning her leadership. A source close to the situation says Wen was “distrustful of staff, made inaccurate statements to the press, and shied away from using the word ‘abortion’ or employing gender-inclusive language.” Perhaps because a medical professional understands that there are obviously biological differences between men and women? As in women can have menstrual cycles. Men who “identify” as women cannot. Women can become pregnant. Men who “identify” as women cannot. Women have a uterus. Men do not. Ergo, only women get abortions. Was Wen willing to waste credibility she built as a medical professional by buying in to this ridiculousness? The notion that she could not use the proper gender pronoun “she” without being looked at cross-eyed? I would say not.

Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom, or utter lack thereof, has decided to bless(curse) pregnancy on only biological women. Dr. Wen realized that only women, biological women, can get pregnant. The board of Planned Parenthood not so.

So I ask, why should the taxpayer trust our tax dollars on a group such as Planned Parenthood dedicated to biological ignorance?