davidl on July 17th, 2019

Slow Joe, b/k/a Joseph Biden(idiot – DE) attempted, rather lamely to impugn President Trump, from the Week: Former Vice President Joe Biden is hitting back against President Trump following his attacks on four minority congresswomen, not only calling the tweets racist but declaring Trump the most “openly racist and divisive” president America has ever seen. […]

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davidl on July 17th, 2019

After just forty-four weeks, Planned Parenthood has aborted the presidency of Dr. Leana Wen. Her apparent crime, a knowledge of high school biology, from Lisa Carr, Victory Girls: But it wasn’t just Wen’s medical over political focus that had the Board of Directors questioning her leadership. A source close to the situation says Wen was […]

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Interesting notes from Hillfaith: It is a commonplace in many of the most influential public policy precincts in the nation’s capitol these days — including among congressional aides working for senators, representatives and committees — that Christianity is in steep decline in America, that the country is fast becoming more secularized with every passing day. […]

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Eric Florack on July 12th, 2019

* Ponder a group of people that now finds Jeffrey Epstein disgusting, (after many years of having no problems with him at all so long as the money kept flowing, even after he was sentenced) and yet doesn’t seem to have any problem at all with 11 year old drag queens dancing at a gay […]

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Eric Florack on July 9th, 2019

It seems that the a-listers from the Democrat Party from the media and so on are all scrambling to get away from Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton, particularly. And of course there are a large number of people who are quite willing to make that process easier for Mr. Clinton. Ponder this screen capture from this […]

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What could possibly go wrong here? I think we can take as a given that the prosecution of Epstein will not include any references to his beneficiaries in the Democrat Party.

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Eric Florack on July 4th, 2019

Glenn nails it: I’D TAKE HIS “THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM IS AWFUL” STANCE MORE SERIOUSLY IF HE WEREN’T TRAILING BADLY IN THE PRIMARYPOLL AS A REPUBLICAN: Justin Amash Slams The Trump GOP. Vox, of course, loves the idea of a third party that will siphon off enough votes to elect democrats. .. Well, yeah. But, […]

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Eric Florack on July 3rd, 2019

The word some the wires is that Eddie Gallagher has been found not guilty of murdering a 17 year old ISIS fighter. First I notice that the story had to come from The Daily Mail not from a domestic source. With the exception of Fox, the domestic sources have been all the silent on the […]

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Eric Florack on July 3rd, 2019

Got an older car? You’re not alone. DETROIT (AP) — The average age of cars and trucks in the U.S. has hit a record 11.8 years, as better quality and technology allows people to keep them on the road longer. The 2019 figures from data provider IHS Markit show that the rate of increase is […]

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Rasmussen has released the results of a new poll… And it is decidedly not good news for Democrats… A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 25% of Likely U.S. Voters consider most of the announced candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination to be about the same as they are […]

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davidl on July 1st, 2019

It has been suggested that the democrat candidates for President are all from another planet. I suggest they are at least from another century. School busing for racial purposes was a stupid idea that was born and died in the previous century. That is unless you are a retrotard, United States Senator and wanna be […]

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