Got an older car? You’re not alone.

DETROIT (AP) — The average age of cars and trucks in the U.S. has hit a record 11.8 years, as better quality and technology allows people to keep them on the road longer.

The 2019 figures from data provider IHS Markit show that the rate of increase is slowing, but the average age is still expected to go over 12 years early in the next decade. The average age is up 0.1 years from 2018.

Ummm… Better quality?


That’s not the reason. people are hanging onto older cars because the new ones, as a result of government intervention and a number of other factors… are way too expensive and way too small, and simply don’t hold up…

In other words, what automakers are coming up with today is of lower quality, particularly given the high prices. and the automakers are not totally to blame on this one. The fact of the matter is that the government has been trying to regulate us out of the individual automobile for decades… and one of the tactics is to make the individual automobile as unpalatable as possible.


You need look no further than the vehicles that Americans are buying these days.

The Chevrolet Chevette. A prime example of the result of governmental intervention in the automotive free market.

They don’t want to touch the Altoid boxes with wheels the government wants us to buy, they’ve been buying pickup trucks and SUVs hand-over-fist now for quite some time.The reason for this movement toward older cars and for trucks when people buy new at all is because the domestic market for automobiles in this country has been beaten to death by over-regulation.

I’ve already addressed the issues that are brought on by the government’s Cafe standards. But so intrusive has the government become that automakers simply can’t build the vehicles that people want anymore, look without running afoul of what’s a government wants or what do unions demand… And certainly not at the price the people want to pay.

It’s to the point now where car makers like Ford and Smart are no longer making cars for the u.s. market. (save for the Mustang, which is hardly to be considered an econobox.)

So here is yet another example of fake news.