It has been long suspected and openly discussed that former Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, b/k/a Fearless Leader, did not write the report which bears his name, from the New York Slimes via Ace:

Soon after the special counsel’s office opened in 2017, some aides noticed that Robert S. Mueller III kept noticeably shorter hours than he had as F.B.I. director, when he showed up at the bureau daily at 6 a.m. and often worked nights.
He seemed to cede substantial responsibility to his top deputies, including Aaron Zebley, who managed day-to-day operations and often reported on the investigation’s progress up the chain in the Justice Department. As negotiations with President Trump’s lawyers about interviewing him dragged on, for example, Mr. Mueller took part less and less, according to people familiar with how the office worked.
That hands-off style was on display Wednesday when Mr. Mueller testified for about seven hours before two House committees. Once famous for his laserlike focus, Mr. Mueller, who will turn 75 next month, seemed hesitant about the facts in his own 448-page report. He struggled at one point to come up with the word “conspiracy.”

It is apparent that Mueller investigation was incapable keeping a secret. Even the low level minions felt free to blab more details about the inner working of the investigation than their purported boss, Fearless Leader, was will to tell Congress. Perhaps because unlike Fearless Leader, the minions actually knew the details.

As the liberal paper of record, the Slimes feels free to throw Fearless Leader under the bus, the ‘rats are done with him. So question, how long did the Slimes know that Mueller was incompetent and and sit on the story?