It has been suggested that the democrat candidates for President are all from another planet. I suggest they are at least from another century. School busing for racial purposes was a stupid idea that was born and died in the previous century. That is unless you are a retrotard, United States Senator and wanna be presidential candidate, one Kamala Harris, from PJ Media:

Harris’ campaign confirmed that the California senator does indeed support bringing back busing, telling the New York Times that she “supported busing as a method for school integration,” but declining to provide details on what such a plan would entail. Ian Sams, Harris’ national campaign manager replied with a simple “yes” when asked on Twitter whether she supports “busing for school integration right now.”

Harris’s perceived road block to the nomination is Slow Joe Biden, who is and always has been, a racist.  However the opposition to forced school busing has morphed into an issue that transcends race.  About the only the constituencies that favor forced busing are unemployed bus driver and rich social liberal that don’t have send their (grand)children to public schools Hello Mr. and Mrs. Obama.  Senator Harris, take your bus and shove it.