It seems that the a-listers from the Democrat Party from the media and so on are all scrambling to get away from Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton, particularly.

And of course there are a large number of people who are quite willing to make that process easier for Mr. Clinton. Ponder this screen capture from this morning.

First of all this is a primary example of why I very seldom trust Wikipedia on anything political.

Thing is it’s going to be a little difficult to convince anybody that Bill Clinton’s 26 visits to Epstein’s private island resulted in no hanky panky. As an example:

But notice the attempt to smear Donald Trump in the process of this. Whoever is manipulating the Wikipedia files in the matter is apparently of a piece with the Huffington Post, the mainstream media and of course the Democrats who have all been basically doing the same thing.

Politico, too, is up to their eyeballs in this stuff. In a report from May of 2017, they tried to make a connection.

NEW YORK—A woman who claims in a lawsuit that she was lured into a sex-trafficking ring run by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein contends that the depravity began at a Florida resort now known as the winter White House: Mar-a-Lago.

The thing that the Politico report missed… and you will very seldom see it mentioned elsewhere… is that following that incident, Donald Trump banned Jeffrey Epstein from his properties, including Mar-a-largo.

There’s another name that pops up in all of this which makes me suspicious of the attempt to connect Donald Trump to Epstein… Robert Mueller, who was the FBI director at the time of the FBI investigation into Epstein’s racket of child sex rings. I’m seeing repeated reference to evidence saying that Mueller classified Epstein as a informant, in order to land him a “sweetheart deal”, in which he only got 13 months for an alleged 40+ victims.

I’m even seeing suggestions that the prosecution of Epstein was timed against the 2020 elections. However, I doubt this. First of all, is he prosecutor involved is the daughter of James Comey as I reported yesterday. the prosecutor is involved are all working in the southern district of New York, which by the way are the very same prosecutors who are supposedly investigating every little nook and cranny in Donald Trump’s financial dealings all the way back to the 1860s. you’ll forgive me if I have my doubts that Donald Trump has exerted any control whatsoever over that process.

Now, the last I heard, Epstein was in jail awaiting a bail hearing which was supposed to occur on Thursday. But you know, given the number hose people who are absolutely desperate to cover their back sides in this situation, one has to wonder if he wouldn’t be safer staying in jail.

Vince Foster wasn’t available for comment.

What we have here is rats deserting a sinking ship…

Are we going to hear all of it? As I suggested yesterday I have my doubts. You can’t drain the swamp if one of the prosecutors is of the swamp.