The Staple Singers:

Keep talking about the government won’t stop air pollution…

Put your hand over your mouth when you cough… that’ll help the solution.

Much has been said recently about the problems of Baltimore. Crime, filth, rats, vermin.

President Trump’s comments as regards the district that Elijah Cummings represents are spot-on but don’t reveal the heart of the problem, and certainly don’t touch on the real causes of the problem. And I say that based on having driven through the place many times.

As for Elijah Cummings himself, one group that’s made notice of his misdeeds is the IRS. But is he directly to blame for the problems in Baltimore?

For that matter, what of the other cities around the country that are, as the graphic below suggests, having almost uniformly the same problems?

Here’s the thing; is the fact that Democrats have been in charge of a city for many years, the cause of these issues? Or is what we’re seeing a representation of the values of the people that elected those Democrats?

You see, if we accept the idea that Democrats in government is the proximate cause for the problems in our cities including Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Etc., We ignore the idea that people tend to vote for people and ideas that most closely resemble their own. We also ignore the responsibilities of the individual to solve the problems in their areas….these are problems that government cannot solve. They can only be solved at the individual level.

You see, I will accept for the sake of argument the idea that Democrats having the power of government in their hands accelerates these processes. But what started these places, on the path to the place where they are now?

The answer is the prevailing attitudes, the cultural values of the people that elected those Democrats in the first place. Again, they elected those Democrats because they most closely represented their attitudes, their cultural values.

When President Trump commented on the state of Baltimore the other day, the immediate knee- jerk response was “Trump is a racist”.

The fact of the matter is that even Baltimore’s former mayor made mention of the problems there. She of course was immediately silenced by The usual suspects, despite her being a racial minority. Bernie Sanders did too, in the last presidential election.

The response to those comments takes on an air of someone who has been personally maligned. the reason is because it’s their cultural values that are being backhanded, not their government per se, at an instinctive level at least, people in the cities understand this. That’s why they’re taking it personally.

I’ve been saying for a long time now that 99% of what gets passed off as racism is actually cultural in nature not race-based. One need look no further for proof of this idea then the recent exchange about Baltimore.

These places continually elect Democrats because Democrats most closely represent their cultural values. Destructive as Democrats are, the real issue here is the culture of the people that elect them. This has nothing whatsoever to do with race except on a secondary level.

Cultural values.

There’s your root cause, of crime, poverty Etc., in America’s cities.