I suppose it was morbid curiosity and nothing more that caused me to be actually listening to the Democrat debate last night. The same kind of curiosity that drives people to watch trainwrecks, and listen to Yoko Ono albums. At least that’s what was driving me for as as long as I could leave it on without becoming violently ill. I suppose it is one of the few events on Earth anymore, where you can see softballs being tossed to the participants by their adoring cheerleaders, so, there’s that.

The truth of the matter is that what we were treated to last night, was not a debate by any measure. The entire thing was an exhibition, designed specifically to allow the candidates to out “woke”each other.

In general I must say that I heard absolutely nothing which counters my long- held belief that absolutely none of the people who have a chance of making it by the Democrat Party nomination process are going to make any serious impact in the general election.

A few specific notes:

# Nothing says pandering like a glaringly white Irish guy answering questions in Spanish with no prompting to do so. It’s almost like O’Rourke has never heard the phrase ‘cultural appropriation”. by the time I shut the thing off the moderator and a total of three of the various candidates had attempted speaking Spanish. To my ear only one of them managed it with any degree of success.

# it was almost comical watching the Democrats dance around real answers to economic questions. with the economy going great guns, it’s going to be difficult for them in the extreme to convince anyone at all that the economy needs changing, and that we need to go back to the way things were under say, Barack Hussein Obama. Last night was their first attempt at it and was a massive failure on that score. (As if it could have come out any other way.)

# For my final specific point I’ll turn things over to Roger Kimball, because I can’t think of a better way to put this than his eleven-year-old daughter did.

The best comment I heard tonight came from my 11-year-old daughter. Walking into my study at one point and overhearing something Elizabeth Warren said about ‘corporations’ or ‘Medicare for All,’ she asked ‘does she know about a thing called money?’ We exchanged a meaning glance because it was clear that neither Sen. Warren nor her Democratic colleagues know the first thing about money, a prerequisite for the job of president of the United States. Which is a major reason why none of them will have that title on their resumes, and thank God for small mercies.

And God help us, there will be more of these idiots on the tube tomorrow night.