Apparently the first round wasn’t enough of a disaster, so the Democrats have upped the ante with round two.

The one thing that can be said about last night that wasn’t said during the event is that the whole thing could easily be considered an in-kind contribution to the re-election of Donald Trump.

Indeed, aside from Trump, The only winners in that contest last night are those who didn’t actually watch it.

If you did actually have the self-destructive tendencies required to watch the thing, you saw, as Ted Cruz noted last night…

“You saw them embrace late-term abortions, you saw them embrace 70 percent tax rate, you saw them embrace socialism. You saw them tell the American people they want to take away everyone’s health insurance. And, you saw them embrace open borders.”

Sounds like a real winning combination there.

# Kamala Harris: “I will prosecute Donald Trump.” And what precisely does anyone suppose that Trump is to be prosecuted for, when the entire weight of the federal government couldn’t find something charge him with, after millions of dollars and two years to find something, anything? Perhaps to answer that question that would be helpful to remember that in her world, fake confessions are no big deal. This from the woman who told us there are times when the states don’t support the rights of all of its citizens. Like, for example when she was prosecutor, perhaps? If I’m Biden’s people, I’m all over this business with her. Her candidacy would die on the vine. Somehow though I don’t think Biden’s people have enough smarts for that. Reports have it (Olivia Nuzzi for one) that his staff is absolutely freaking out over is performance last night, but somehow I don’t think they’ve got the smarts to address the problem. Certainly, Creepy Joe doesn’t. To his credit, Biden came back with, (paraphrasing) “you were a prosecutor, but I was a public defender”. A sly choice of words, but it didn’t hit Harris nearly hard enough. The man has got to start listening to his debate prep. That was his problem back in 08. If he lets Harris off the hook at this point, he’s a bigger idiot than I took him for.

# Every blessed one of these idiots on the stage last night spent their entire evening telling everybody how they wanted to “fix” the best economy this country has ever had. Trouble is, it’s getting tougher and tougher these last couple of years, to find victims to champion… At least, victims that are citizens. so, they now champion the illegal aliens and asked the taxpayer … You know, citizens…to foot the bill for their grand schemes. Healthcare for all illegals? Sure, we can afford that. All we have to do is raise taxes. (No surprise that none of the MSNBC cheerleaders said anything about what effect those increased taxes would have on the it kind of me. Apparently this is what Democrats call an economic “fix.”)

# I note with interest that while Joe Biden got hit with “you’re too old”… Bernie Sanders somehow escaped such attacks. Somehow, I suspect that politics, and not age, is the real issue there. Obviously to the people on stage, Biden is too much of a moderate. As I’ve suggested in the past however, it comes down to what the rank-and-file thinks. And trust me what we saw on the stage last night leans much farther to the left than the rank-and-file of either party.

# Something must be said at this point for the embarrassment that Rachel Maddow has become, even by MSNBC standards. There is something going on here with Maddow’s continued employment that does not involve the desire to attract viewers to the network.

In total, is there anybody who does not understand that the Democrats did not do themselves any favors last night?

Addendum, Eric

In reviewing the recording of last evening’s version of “who wants to lose the election”, it strikes me that Barack Obama would not have been far enough to the left to satisfy those who were on stage last night.

Son of addendum: Eric

Did anybody notice any American flags on the stage at all?