Jon Gabriel at AZCentral:

Treating Donald Trump as an anomaly is misguided. Look around the globe: He’s the new normal. . . . American news is often parochial, barely noticing developments around the world outside of the occasional feature on NPR. But Trump-style populism is breaking out all over, upending the staid, polite politics of nation after nation. . . . It’s understandable that politicians, pundits and lobbyists who prospered under the old order would want to return to its, in retrospect, genteel ways. But voters will not be shamed into renouncing their frustration with politics as usual. The more insults hurled, the greater the populist reaction.” And his counterparts abroad, like Trump himself, are achieving considerable policy success.

This is a trend I have noted in previous postings. As I suggested then,this is not a short-term trends. Nor can it all be attributed to Trump. The man is certainly is a lightning rod, but he’s not the origin of this. The origin of the trend is the extreme frustration with politics as usual, and this is happening, as the article suggests, worldwide.