We haven’t heard much lately about creepypornlawyer ™ Michael Avenatti. It would seem that he’s been successfully shuffled under the bus.

I am convinced Michael Avenatti is the poster child for the ineffectiveness of government under Democrats.

Does anybody doubt for a moment that were government in California actually effective to the point of upholding the law, Avenatti would have had his law license pulled over a decade ago?

Have you noticed though, there hasn’t been a whole bunch of noise from prominent Democrats about rule of law as regards his arrest?

Keep in mind that this is somebody who less than 6 months ago was being lionized by Democrats and offered up as a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination for POTUS and, why? Because he was a useful tool against the Democrats Target of the moment, Donald Trump.

So what happened? What is it that turned this man from a popular candidate among the Democrats for president of the United States, into “he-who-must-not-be-named”?

It’s not embarrassment. Frankly I think most Democrats, after Clinton and Obama are well beyond embarrassment.

Rather, it is the realization that to continue their high -profile connection with the man is going to cost them votes and power. (Jim Traficant and Gary Hart were unavailable for comment.)

As Jim Geraghty tweets,

“The degree to which allegations of inappropriate behavior or sexual misconduct are taken seriously is heavily shaped by how important the accused is to the cause of progressivism at that given moment.”

Exactly so.

And these are the people that are questioning the morality of Donald Trump.