It’s time to come back to reality and recognize for once and all that government has been destroying Health Care since the sixties… To the precise degree that government has been put in charge of it in the name of saving it.

Look closely at when healthcare costs started getting out of control. Lbj’s “great society”. Every single time the government decides to step in to lower healthcare costs, the costs respond by going through the ceiling.

Want to lower healthcare costs? Make it affordable? Get government out of healthcare entirely. It’s the only answer.

One Response to “The Answer to the Health Care Question”

  1. To be honest, in 1966 I paid $34.50 a month for Blue Cross/Blue Shield on a single contract.
    Then some goof in a black dress decided dopers and drunks were sick and BC/BS had to pay for ReHab of people who never had ability.  Rates went UP.

    In 1972 I had Health Insurance from Aetna.  Around 50 bucks a month, and cheaper than BC/BS.  Another comedian in a black dress decides dingle contracts MUST pay for pregnancy & infant care.  Carriers raised premiums in States they could, and Aetna dropped most single contracts.

    Where the hell some comedian in a black dress finds the authority to change a written contract between a Carrier and Insured is beyond me, but they do.

    Judges have been dangerous to my Health Insurance.