# So Nancy Pelosi says she wants Donald Trump in jail? He’s a little busy saving the country from the left. I don’t think he’s going to have time to visit you, Nancy.

# When I see the Democrat Party and the establishment GOP taking the same position as regards Mr. Trump, it only solidifies my position that the establishment GOP is part of the problem that we face as a country.

# and where is the Democrat party’s condemnation of Elijah Cummings corruption? For that matter, where is the Republican condemnation for Elijah Cummings corruption?

# I suggested a while ago that Beto O’Rourke was probably the first presidential candidate in history whose campaign message was “help me find my identity”. Apparently, now Joe Biden is doing the same thing. Grandad’s of the consistency of message in the Democrat Party is completely unexpected, particularly after 40 years, but he didn’t even last 40 hours on this one.

# China has some serious misconceptions about how this “Rare Earth” game gets played.  They tried to play hardball with Trump I’m terrified by putting a serious tariff on rare Earth because at the moment they have about 80% of that market. Trouble is as I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Japan just found synopsis of the materials to supply the remainder of the world for the next 300 years and perhaps longer. And guess where Trump just got through visiting a short while ago??

Yep, Japan.